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Welcome to DORRYUS Recruitment and Employment Agency!


J-1 Trainee Program

Applicants must: (1) One have a degree or professional certificate from a post-secondary academic institution and at least one year of prior related work experience in his or her occupational field outside the United States, or (2) Two Who has a minimum of five years of work experience in his or her occupational field outside the United States.

J-1 Intern Program

Applicants must: (1) is currently enrolled in and pursuing studies at a degree, or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution outside the United States, or (2) Who has graduated from such an institution no more than 12 months prior to his or her exchange visitor program start date.

J-1 Summer Work & Travel

This program offers post-secondary students enrolled full-time and pursuing studies at a post-secondary accredited academic institution to partake in the work and travel during their summer vacation to experience and to be exposed to the people and their way of life in the United States.

H-2B Program

The H-2B program allows applicants to gain employment in the U.S. by employers to fill temporary nonagricultural jobs that have one-time occurrence, seasonal need, peakload need, or intermittent need. The maximum period of stay in H-2B classification is 3 years.



“We specialize in providing International cultural experience & employment in Hospitality & Tourism, and other sectors for College & University students and professional workers,  to create value, enhance livelihood and to make a difference.”

What Do We Do?

DORRYUS Recruitment and Employment Agency is about providing overseas cultural exchange and employment opportunities for College/University Students, and Hospitality Workers.  We are a recruitment agency that connects students to Sponsors, Contractors, and Employers.  We take great pride in screening and selecting highly skilled, qualified, industry-ready students and workers for employers in the United States.   


Here at DORRYUS, we are very passionate to facilitate employers with their staff needs, our aim is to help as many students & workers with overseas cultural experience and employment opportunities.


We Specialize in: J-1 Summer Work & Travel, J-1 Intern and Trainees, and H-2B programs.     


DORRYUS Recruitment and Employment Agency provide services such as:

  1. Registration

  2. Hospitality Training

  3. Interview Preparation

  4. Health Insurance and Compliance

  5. Resume Writing

  6. U.S. & Canadian Embassy Appointments

DORRYUS is the agency of choice!

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