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FOOD & BEVERAGE - Waitering

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The course is offered as skills based career and personal development for individuals who want to access jobs locally in Jamaica, and internationally in the U.S or Canada. The course is delivered online covering eight (8) units in 6-8 weeks of self paced online content, and two weeks on intensive face-to-face practical sessions. Practical sessions are organised with the instructor on a flexible basis AM or PM to facilitate the all persons in a specific cohort. This course is dynamic and can be designed, package and tailored to suit your needs in a condense format. This course can be accelerated based on your capabilities, and can be accessed with just a secondary school leaving certificate, persons within hospitality and tourism, persons who are beginners in their jobs, or persons who are looking to add skills to their academic qualifications. Additionally, this course can be used to access professional development courses at our partner University in Canada for various reasons, including living and working, or professional development and exposure in Canada.

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